Iowa City’s affluent yet underground music scene has produced an eclectic group of young rockers known simply as Zeta June. The four-piece ensemble has generated quite the buzz among listeners and has shared the stage with several well-established regional and national touring acts such as Future Rock, The Floozies, Dopapod, Roster McCabe, Euforquestra, John Wayne & The Pain , Tallgrass, and Dead Larry to name a few. The members, Percussionist Cody Kuhens, Bassist Mitch Hruby, Guitarists Porter Hand and Ian Crawford, boast a breadth in styles that have gained them notoriety circa Midwest. This recognition is a testament to their originality, putting on performances that guarantee any audience a memorable experience. In just two years of existence their appeal has earned them bids to several music festivals including Summer Camp, Camp Euforia, 515 Alive, Jammin’ On The Wolf,  80/35 Music Festival, and several others.

Zeta June comprises of an unexpected confluence in musical tastes. As a result of these individual influences, their soundscape mixes elements of funk, blues, slap bass, classic and synth rock to form a truly sophisticated track. However separate the backgrounds; chemistry between them is undeniable as their entire resonance reflects it. From seamless breaks to interlocking rhythms, Zeta attains a level of jam unseen many acts. Moreover, they have an uncanny ability to control the atmosphere of the room with a vibe that is sure to get crowds of any age groovin.

The band’s true strengths lie in reciprocating the audience’s energy. Their capacity to perpetuate this infectious flow greatly affects the ambience of a show. While they have gained a decent following within the Midwest, there is much left to prove. Having solid support from their hometown music scene has firmly planted where they are today, but that only goes so far. This powerful combination of strong roots and righteous tunes will bode well, providing the band with a proper foundation to pursuit the open road; only time will tell us whether or not their splash will ripple onto neighboring ponds. Catch a show near you and find out what their live performances are all about.